How to apply:

Please complete the online application form below.

Please include your contact number and email and address. If you are a minor, please include parent’s number and email and address.

Upload 2 letters of reference from a parent, teacher, professor or industry professional, such as an agent, manager, casting director, director, choreographer or producer.

If the applicant is a child, you can nominate them and write a letter on their behalf plus the 2 letters of references.

Include a picture and resume if you have it. If you have a demo reel or video of you performing, please upload it to and send the link to our email address and note in your hard copy application that you emailed a performance and include the link in there as well.

If chosen we will contact you within 6-8 weeks if you are a candidate.


Any performer (actor, singer, dancer) between the ages of 6-21 can apply. Our goal is to expand services to other artists in the future.

At the current time we are limiting it to applicants from the US only.

If for any reason you have issues when completing this form, please contact

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